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5 Best Bedtime Snacks to Cope With Sound Sleep

 raw almonds

When you’re trying to eat a healthy diet, bananas and almonds are two of the best food choices because both are filling and packed with nutrients. But they also have great sleeping virtues. Bananas promote the production of melatonin while Almonds have a slight muscle relaxing effect.


Seeds and cheese contain tryptophan, which converts to melatonin in our system to promote sleep. In addition, eating a small amount of protein keeps blood sugar levels stable and a full feeling, which assists in maintaining a deep sleep through the night.

cherry smoothie


Due to their high concentration in melatonin (the sleep hormone), cherries improve sleep. You simply need 20 pitted cherries and two tablespoons of yoghourt. Blend all the ingredients together and enjoy !!


Vanilla is soothing, perfect to calm you down before going to sleep. If you prefer your drink to be spicier, add cinnamon and also benefit from its warming effect! Simply cut the vanilla pod in two, place it in a glass and pour hot milk over it. Now it’s time to enjoy this comforting and relaxing drink and go to bed!



Here’s something different than the traditional chamomile tea! Peppermint infusion is great to drink before going to bed because of its relaxing and digestive effects. Fresh peppermint can be found very easily in groceries.



Posted by: Dr.Health

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