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  • Is ADHD Overdiagnosed and Overtreated?

    Is ADHD Overdiagnosed and Overtreated?

    Gretchen LeFever Watson, then a clinical psychologist at Eastern Virginia Medical School, wanted to understand how many children had been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) at elementary schools in Virginia communities. Her findings among the 30,000 children she studied in the 1990s foreshadowed a national pattern: rates of ADHD varied widely among districts, […]

  • Questions to Ask Your Doctor About ADHD

    ADHD begins before age 12 and sometimes stretches into adulthood. If you or your child has recently been diagnosed with ADHD, ask your doctor these questions at your next visit. 1. Could it be something else that has similar symptoms? 2. What could have caused it? Will ADHD be passed down in my family? 3. […]

  • The ADHD Health Care Team

    When seeking an evaluation or treatment for ADHD, it is important to see a qualified health care professional who has experience in dealing with this disorder. There are several types of professionals who typically diagnose ADHD. These include doctors (especially psychiatrists, pediatricians, internists, and family physicians), psychologists (including school psychologists), social workers, nurse practitioners, physician […]

  • Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Adult ADHD

    What can I expect if I go to a psychologist, psychiatrist, or other professional for treatment of adult ADHD? Which treatments are best for adults with ADHD? Aside from medications, what else can I do to reduce my ADHD symptoms? What about exercise and diet? Are there any vitamins or supplements that can help? What […]

  • ADHD Diets

    Can what you eat help attention, focus, or hyperactivity? There’s no clear scientific evidence that ADHD is caused by diet or nutritional problems. But certain foods may play at least some role in affecting symptoms in a small group of people, research suggests. So are there certain things you shouldn’t eat if you have the […]

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Causes of ADHD

    No one knows exactly what causes ADHD, but certain things are known to play a role. The Family Connection ADHD runs in families. Anywhere from one-third to one-half of parents with ADHD will have a child with the disorder. There are genetic characteristics that seem to be passed down. If a parent has ADHD, a […]

  • What Is Executive Function?

    Executive function is a set of mental skills that help you get things done. These skills are controlled by an area of the brain called the frontal lobe. Executive function helps you: Manage time Pay attention Switch focus Plan and organize Remember details Avoid saying or doing the wrong thing Do things based on your […]

  • Adjunctive Therapy for ADHD in Children

    If your child has ADHD, she likely has many symptoms. Often, one type of treatment isn’t enough to help with all the behavior issues. She may need a combination of treatments. This is adjunctive therapy. You may also hear it called combination therapy or complimentary therapy. It can work in different ways. Behavioral Therapy and […]

  • Potential Side Effects of ADHD Medicine

    Potential Side Effects of ADHD Medicine Millions of children in America with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have been helped in school, activities, and home life by taking medications. But these meds can cause a range of side effects, both physical and emotional. Before your child starts taking an ADHD medication for the first time, […]

  • Drug Treatments for ADHD

    Medication is an important part of your ADHD treatment. Many types of drugs can be used to control symptoms of the disorder. You and your doctor will work together to figure out which medication is right for you, along with the ideal dose (amount) and schedule (how often or when you need to take it). […]

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