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Breast Health & Disease

  • Cirrhosis


    What Is It? No body organ performs a wider variety of essential jobs than the liver. It: Produces essential proteins that help blood to clot Removes or neutralizes poisons, drugs and alcohol Manufactures bile that helps the body to absorb fats and cholesterol Helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels Regulates several hormones Cirrhosis is […]

  • The breast density-breast cancer connection

    The breast density-breast cancer connection

    Women whose breasts appear dense on mammograms have a higher risk for some aggressive breast cancers. One of the strongest known risk factors for breast cancer is high breast density — that is, relatively little fat in the breast and more connective and glandular tissue, as seen on a mammogram. Now, a study has found […]

  • Do you need mammograms?

    Do you need mammograms?

    Before you get your next mammogram, learn the pros and cons of this controversial screening test. Once a year, we subject our breasts to the ritual ordeal of poking, prodding, and viselike squeezing known as a mammogram. We willingly endure this process because we know—or at least hope—that if we do get breast cancer, a […]

  • Real-time digital mammograms more accurate than computed radiography

    Real-time digital mammograms more accurate than computed radiography

    Originally, mammograms were performed using film to capture the breast image. Increasingly, mammograms use one of two digital techniques: direct radiography (DR) or computed radiography (CR). Both techniques allow the digital image to be available for interpretation almost instantaneously, and to be transmitted electronically to any doctor or hospital, but a new study published in […]