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Screening Tests for Women

  • Top screenings to avoid cancer

    Talk to your doctor to nail down your cancer risk, and check this list to see which tests may help save your life. Images: Monkey Business Images/Thinkstock Recommendations for cancer screenings sometimes change, and it can be confusing about which tests you need and when. “It’s best to talk to your doctor about your cancer […]

  • The family history of cancer

    If cancer runs in your family, there is much you can do to recognize your potential risk and catch the disease before it strikes. Image: filipefrazao/Thinkstock You may remember stories of your father’s military service and your mother’s hometown, but how much do you know about your family’s medical history? In particular, do you know […]

  • Why isn’t there a more comfortable mammogram procedure?

    Ask the doctor Q. I have been smashed, squashed, pulled, and tugged annually for 25 years. Why isn’t there a better way to take a mammogram? A. We hear you! Compression mammography has been the “gold standard” for decades for one reason — it works. Flattening the breast makes ductal tissue easier to distinguish and […]

  • Should you still have mammograms after age 75?

    The decision depends on several factors, including your breast cancer risk, life expectancy, and personal preferences. Image: © Auremar/ThinkstockAs you get older, your body isn’t the only thing that’s changing. So are the guidelines for taking care of it. Breast cancer screening guidelines are a case in point. The current U.S. Preventive Services Task Force […]

  • Mammogram or MRI

    Mammogram or MRI

    Download video. When deciding between a mammogram or MRI, the evidence is growing in favor of MRIs. So why isn’t this the standard screening for everyone? Watch as Dr. Julie SIlver explains more about it.

  • AAA screening

    AAA screening

    Q. I am a 72-year-old male in excellent health. I have been diagnosed with a 3.7-centimeter aortic aneurysm. My doctor recommends an ultrasound every six months. Are six-month checks adequate? And when should surgery be considered? A. I assume this is an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) and that it was detected by a screening exam, […]

  • Screening for Birth Defects in Early Pregnancy (Combined Test, Integrated Test, and Quadruple Test)

    Screening for Birth Defects in Early Pregnancy (Combined Test, Integrated Test, and Quadruple Test)

    What is the test? Blood tests and fetal ultrasound tests for pregnant women check the levels of protein and hormones being produced by the fetus and examine how the fetus is forming. The levels of four different substances as well as early findings on ultrasound can enable doctors to identify pregnancies that are at a […]

  • Understanding the ECG: Reading the waves

    Understanding the ECG: Reading the waves

    The electrocardiogram (ECG) is one of the most common, enduring, and important tests in all of medicine. It’s easy to perform, noninvasive, produces results right away, and is useful in diagnosing dozens of heart conditions. The ECG has taken on even more importance lately because a particular ECG pattern, called ST elevation, is a strong […]