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Dermstore Chats with Lilly Ghalichi of Lilly Lashes

Big hair, bubbly personality. We know and love Lilly Ghalichi for her larger-than-life persona. As the founder and CEO of Lilly Lashes, also known as “the world’s most glamorous line of lashes,” this native Texan is truly an unstoppable force in the beauty industry. Her line—which showcases luxurious, multidimensional false eyelashes of varying lengths and styles—is not only a favorite amongst top makeup pros, but also worn by some of Hollywood’s brightest stars. (Need proof? One A-list celebrity recently asked for 30 pairs of her famous lashes! More on that below.)

To help you get to know this reality-TV star and glamazon better, we sat down with Lilly to talk about the inspiration behind the brand, upcoming product launches, as well as her best beauty tips!

Dermstore: You’ve quickly built a thriving beauty company with a luxurious line of lashes. What was the inspiration behind the brand? 

Lilly Ghalichi: The inspiration behind the brand is GLAM! I began Lilly Lashes while filming a reality show on Bravo. At that time (2012), there were no ultra-glam lashes available on the market. You only had two options—barely there lashes or synthetic Halloween-looking lashes.

I found myself staking three to four pairs of the barely there lashes in order to get the glamorous lash look I wanted. I loved the way each strip created a “3D” type effect (since one band was glued on top of the other, there was a bit of separation between each strip).

Although it looked beautiful, it was expensive (each pair of lashes was about $15 and we would use three to four) and it was very time consuming (you had to put one strip on, let it dry, put the second, let it dry). To save myself time, I decided to look into creating a lash that was “pre-stacked,” meaning it was essentially three of these regular lashes already merged into one. I put together a perfect set and sent it off to a lash manufacturer. My glam squad and I were blown away with how incredible the finished product turned out and 3D Lilly Lashes was born!

D: What challenges did you encounter when you were creating the line? How did you overcome them?

Surprisingly enough, my biggest challenge was all the criticism I received. At that time, glam wasn’t as big as it is now and neither was Instagram, so the market told me my lashes were “too much.” My whole image felt like it was “too much,” but to be honest, I am over-the-top glam—big hair, dramatic lashes, high heels! That’s why my glam squad and I coined my style “Ghalichi Glam.” It’s more than just glam, it’s ultra glam!

I ignored all the criticism, because I made these lashes for me. Turns out there were/are millions of girls out there who love to be ultra-glam, just like I do! Thanks to Instagram, YouTube and social media, my style of glam has become its own cultural movement—creating a need for products like Lilly Lashes.

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D: What’s your favorite part about the whole production process? 

My favorite part of the process is 100% seeing customers share their pictures. It’s the most rewarding feeling to work so hard to create something you LOVE and then to see other girls wear them and love them too. A step further from that, seeing the most respected makeup artists in Hollywood love and use my lashes on their celebrity clients is also very rewarding. On a weekly basis I hear things like, “J.Lo now refuses to wear anything except for Lilly Lashes. Can you please send us 30 pairs of style Tease for this month’s Vegas performance?” Moments like this I say to myself, “OMG! Pinch me!”

D: What sets your lashes apart from what’s currently out there? 

What sets Lilly Lashes apart is that we push the limits. We aren’t afraid to take risks and make things such as 3D lashes or pre-stacked lashes. We’ve also created an ombre-colored line and have plans to release the “So Extra” collection geared towards men that wear makeup. Lilly Lashes is ultra-glam and we aren’t afraid to showcase that.

D: What are some of your favorites from the collection?

My personal favorites include Mykonos or Dalia when I want to turn up the glam and Goddess and Luxe for a more natural look.

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D: What’s next for Lilly Lashes? What else can we expect to see from the brand down the line?

Lilly Lashes has so many new surprises coming! With that being said, we always strive to stay true to our original roots, which is to create ultra glamorous products. We are coming out with a new line called the “So Extra” collection, which includes longer and thicker versions of our best-selling lashes, geared towards the many men that now glam, as well as our Bling’ on the Glam collection featuring crystal embellished tools.

D: Share with us your best beauty tip!

Do what makes you FEEL beautiful rather than following trends, because when you feel beautiful on the inside, you will exude that confidence and glow on the outside. You can be the prettiest girl, but if you don’t feel beautiful, you won’t look beautiful.

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