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The Effects On Fish Oil

Fish Oil is derived from the fatty tissues in fish. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fish oils have gained popularity for reasons more than one. Fish oil benefits are plenty, including decreasing the risk of heart stroke, reduce symptoms of depression, hypertension, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, joint pains, arthritis, eczema, inflammation etc. The benefits go on to aiding with weight loss, pregnancy and many more. Helping the health of many in almost every walk of life, fish oil is a must in your diet.

While consumption of fish oil is good, consuming large amounts of fish oil from dietary sources is unsafe. Some fish meats along with providing fish oil, they also have huge amounts of mercury that can contaminate the body giving result to effects that have a negative impact on the body. The possible side effects of fish oil could be dizziness, cough, increased heartbeat rate, unusual weakness or tiredness, tightness in the chest etc.

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1. Healthy Cholesterol

Fish Oil is high in its cholesterol content, and this in turn turns the cholesterol profile into a healthy profile within the normal range. Ratios of HDL to LDL are maintained perfectly if a small amount of fish oil is consumed on a daily basis. Maintain your health with a healthy cholesterol level along with fresh fruits being part of your diet.

2. Bone Health

An increased intake of omega-3 fatty acids, especially the DHA is linked to more mineral content in bones and hence, making bones stronger and healthier. As we grow older, our reserves of estrogen and progesterone hormones begin to decrease, and our bones start to lose their strength, this is when omega-3 fatty acids really come to your rescue.

3. Mood Support

Fish Oil supports the serotonin hormones in the body, which are supposed to be the ‘feel good’ hormones suppressing the depression levels making one happy. The stress, anxiety, depression and such negative ailments are due to not enough nutrition which ignites the serotonin, but fish oil does exactly that clearing your mood swings.

4. Multiple sclerosis (MS)

While there is no conclusion to this, low levels of omega-3 fatty acids have been recorded in people with MS. So, researches show that an increased level of omega-3 fatty acids in people can benefit their MS problem. While this isn’t a guaranteed cure, fish oil is sure to help in some way or the other. The evidence shown was that the immune cells of MS patients who were treated with omega-3 fatty acids produced significantly lower pro-inflammatory cytokines.

5. Prostate cancer

Fish Oil doesn’t exactly help in curing prostate cancer, but definitely prevents or slows down the spread of cancer cells across the body, helping the body fight cancer. It suppresses the proliferation of cancer cells, hence not allowing it to spread throughout the body.

6. Memory benefits

The type of omega-3 fatty acids that aid in boosting memory the most is DHA. Consumption of fish oil capsules or fish everyday for about 6 months showed results of improved memory. This shows that omega-3 fatty acids have the ability to improve some mental health too. This is not in regard with the older generation where their cognitive capability declines gradually.

7. Protection from Alzheimer’s disease

Studies have proved that food rich in fish oil decreases the probability of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is a memory problem in brief, and since fish oil has shown to improve memory, this disease is prevented to a large extent if consumed on a regular basis.

8. Protection from vision loss

Adequate consumption of DHA omega-3 fatty acid in your diet can protect your eyes from deteriorating, if not prevent it, atleast protect it. As you age, so does your vision, and that’s where omega-3 fatty acids help your eyesight.

9. Benefits for the fetus

During pregnancy, when the mother is regular on omega-3 fatty acid capsules, it is shown that the cognitive, sensory and motor development of the baby is much better than compared to the babies of mothers who haven’t had an intake of omega-3 capsules.

10. Heart Benefits

The risk of heart attacks is largely reduced when the blood has an adequate content of omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil also reduces the stress on heart post a heart surgery. Other ailments also are backed up by fish oil as a cure.


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