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1-Minute Breathing Exercise is Good to Relieve Stress From Your Busy Life

Yes, Our breathing becomes short, shallow, and done through the chest as we go through our busy days in most of time. Even worse, during especially stressful times, we have a tendency to hold our breath. These kinds of breathing habits aren’t good for the human body. One simple way to reduce your stress and feel better in just 60 seconds is this quick breathing exercise!

What are common causes of stress?

Bad breathing habits can be caused by stress. So what are the most common causes of stress?

  • Finances
  • A bad job or demeaning boss
  • Cruel friends or family
  • A bad relationship with a significant other (this is often the worst stressor possible)
  • Health issues putting a strain on your daily activity

What are the risks of prolonged stress?

The risks of prolonged stress make for a long list. Stress can lead to heart disease, obesity, diabetes, depression, headaches, and even premature death. Prolonged stress is not a good thing! If you’re constantly feeling stressed, I highly recommend you take the 60 seconds every day and do this breathing exercise. In fact, I also recommend taking 10 minutes more and doing some other physical exercises.

FAQs about the exercise

  • Can I do this for longer than 60 seconds?
    Sure can! This type of breathing is great for relaxing before bed or taking a break from lunch.
  • Can I do this anytime?
    Definitely. Just don’t do it while driving or operating a heavy vehicle.
  • Will this practice become habitual?
    Given enough time, yes! You can make it a habit of quickly disposing of your stress with this method.

Posted by: Dr.Health

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