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20 Delicious and Surprisingly Healthy Funfetti Recipes


Oh ya know, pretty much one of my greatest childhood memories where, admittedly, I would willingly take this delicious cake batter straight to the face without a moment’s hesitation because, let’s face it, who really BAKED funfetti cake??  Okay so maybe I’m the only one who skipped that last little part of the instructions where you actually put it in the oven (probably because I didn’t have enough batter left to actually make a cake), but as most of you know, funfetti is still one of my all-time favorite indulgences as an adult.  Now I know funfetti is synonymous with cakes and sweets, but that doesn’t mean that all recipes are loaded with fat and calories!  Case in point, one recipe that I LOVE to make is this Funfetti Cake Dip which is perfect for parties or on the occasional Friday night when I’m craving something sweet.  It’s made with only three simple ingredients, takes under 5 minutes to throw together and tastes great with fat-free animal crackers or even fruit!  Oh and I promise – you’d think you were actually eating cake batter or those little Dunkaroos your mom used to put in your lunch box back in the day, except this is the guilt-free version.  Oh and here’s something cool you can do – using the same ingredients you used in making the cake dip, if you simply substitute 2 eggs in for the cool-whip, you now can make Skinny Funfetti Cookies!

Sooo I figured these can’t be the ONLY lightened-up funfetti recipes out there so I thought it’d be fun to create a delicious round-up of all my favorite HEALTHY cake batter inspired recipes that not only taste amazing, but are lighter on the calories {and your waistline}.

Yep you’re welcome.

20 Healthy Funfetti Recipes | Eat Yourself Skinny

So for ALL these recipes and so much more, head on over HERE!

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