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4 Freaky Facials You Never Heard of

When it comes to fashion and beauty, innovation knows no boundaries. Imagine how far the beauty industry could go to enable you with radiant and flawless skin? Let’s suppose you are a complete vegetarian and you are asked to let leeches and the sleuth snails crawl all over your face even close to your mouth. It might sound disgusting to some, interestingly clients are now turning towards such freaky facials only to look more beautiful.

I have rounded up 4 utterly disgusting facials that actually work offering wrinkle-free and clear skin. Do have a look at some of these weirdest facial treatments!
#1 Geisha Facial. Do not get carried away by the name. While the real Geisha is all steeped in Japanese traditional beauty, this particular treatment is full of shit! My apologies for using such impolite words but this is actually true. One of the major ingredients of this facial is the powdered nightingale droppings. Actually this is a secret code used by beauticians to define bird poop.

4  Freaky Facials You Never Heard of

Before you just start showing some weird facial expressions better continue reading. The bird poop isn’t directly applied on the client’s face but it is first exposed to the to ultraviolet light and then crushed into a fine powder in order to effectively sanitize them. And to remove the bad odor, rice bran is mixed with the powder.

Only if you can withstand this powdered nightingale droppings on your face, you can go for it as it has several benefits for radiant skin.
#2 Snail Masque. If you are now OK with the bird poop thing then I dare you with this facial. As the name suggests, the snail masque was accidentally invented by a Chilean farmers. Because of its soapy nature, they added snail slime with creams and body lotions to enhance the skin health. It also has medicinal values.

4  Freaky Facials You Never Heard of
The slime helps in preventing acne, reduction of wrinkles and also decrease of inflammation. Gradually, this science became popular and soon there was a heavy demand for snail slime.

Snails exert a kind of fluid known as mucin, which helps them healing their skin from cuts or any kind of injuries. And when this particular substance is used as one of the beauty ingredients, it also gives the same effect to humans.

However, if you’re from Canada then this sleeky treatment is banned in your nation, so you can better refer other freaky techniques.
#3 Hirudotherapy. Although this treatment doesn’t make any sloth thing crawl on your face, but for it is one of the most bizarre and intimidating facials. You truly need a brave heart to go for this. Even though the leech treatment is a 3500 year old beauty treatment hailing from Egypt, it has recently returned with a bang, thanks to the Russians!

4  Freaky Facials You Never Heard of
In order to get glowing skin, all you need is to plop a few therapeutic leeches onto the face. As per beauty experts, they are nor the regular leeches found in your backyard but trained therapeutic leeches. Trained? Really?

Whatever, the leech therapy is believed to slow down the process of aging, whilst promoting healthy and brighter skin. It also purifies blood, detoxifying and rejuvenating it through their salivary glands. And these glands contain proteins, serotonin, collagenase, hirudin and hylauronidase, all of which are common ingredients in modern skincare products.

Only if you could allow these trained leeches to suck your blood, slithering all over your skin then you are all set to become an Angelina Jolie or a young Miranada Kher!

How would the leech bites go from the face? Just a thought!
#4 Vampire Facial. You should freak out after going through this sub title! Well, as the name suggests, it actually sucks your blood. Recently popularized by none other than the impertinent Kim Kardashian, this treatment involves taking 3 virals of blood from your arms and then injecting it back to your face. However, there is an avant garde process involved in it. The blood which is collected is put into a machine, where it’s elements are separated and then the processed platelet-rich blood is injected into the skin of the face.

4  Freaky Facials You Never Heard of


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