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5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Dark Lips

Pink supple   are every woman’s dream and let’s admit it we’ll leave no stone unturned to obtain kissable pouts. Only if you’re Rekha, you could pull off those dark lips with such grace and still look extremely seductive! But fact is we can never reach up to her finesse, so let’s just focus on the following 5 natural ways to get rid of dark lips. Read on and stay inspired!

 5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Dark Lips
1. Apply lemon and honey mix.This is one of the most effective natural ways to lighten the dark shade of your lips. For this, you need to mix lemon juice and honey in equal quantity. This natural serum helps in removing tan from your pouts. While the citric acid present in lemon lightens up the lips, honey moisturizes them thereby giving you pink and soft lips.
Apply this mix to your pouts and leave them for one hour before wiping them off with cotton or soft cloth. Try to repeat this process as many times as you can in a day to ensure best and quick results.

2. Apply glycerin overnight.Other than having your lips exposed to sun, sometimes dryness not only results in cracked lips but also cause pigmentation to the skin. By applying glycerin before going to bed, it renders moisture to the pouts, whilst preventing dryness.

3. Avoid dehydration. Dehydration leads to chapped lips. So only tropical treatments won’t be of any use unless you are taking care of your health with proper diet and intake of water. It’s necessary to drink lot of water to keep your body hydrated, as dehydration also leads to dark lips.

4. Massage your lips with beetroot. Cut a slice of beetroot and store it in the refrigerator. Later take this juicy slice to massage your lips. The best you can do is you can massage your lips with beetroot slice when you are watching TV or resting. The juice present in beetroot helps in removing tan from the pouts, thereby retaining your natural pink.
5. Know your brand. Always pick lip products very carefully. I remember during my teenage when I had started wearing makeup. My mum always used to warn me to pick the lipstick brand very carefully. That’s because she knew cheap and poor quality lip products result in darker lips. So always avoid using local brands which are cheaper. Do not ever compromise with your makeup products.

So those were the top 5 natural ways to get rid of dark lips. Hope this helps!

Posted by: Dr.Health

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