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5 Quick Yoga Exercises To Get A Slimmer Face – Face a Slimmer You

Are you someone who is always receiving comments on how your baby-face looks perhaps a bit chubby and childish? Always wanted your face to look sculpted and slim? Have thought of a few measures to slim your face but have always failed? You have come to the right place now. All you have to do is practice some yoga strictly and get rid of ‘overweight face’ appearance in a matter of a few days. So, go ahead and read on about our list of top 4 yoga exercises to get a slimmer, young and toned face.
1. Lessen the chubbiness of your cheeks by practicing this cheek exercise:

Start by taking a deep breath and retaining the air in your mouth by sealing your lips
Now, blow the air in a circular motion right inside your cheek
First take the air all towards your upper lips, then to your left cheek and ending it by taking it towards right cheeks
Hold the air for a count of 15 at least, so that the flexed muscles can do their job. A great exercise, this not only slims your face but also is beneficial for your cheek muscles.

5 Quick Yoga Exercises To Get A Slimmer Face – Face a Slimmer You
2. Exercises for a finer jawline – pose training the areas around cheeks:

While performing this exercise, start by making your face as if you are supposed to pronounce the letter O. Suck in as much air as you possibly can
Now, while holding your mouth in this position for around 10-15 seconds, try stretching the area below your nose. You will see that your cheeks have gone in, tightening your jaw line
Now, peek your tongue out slightly flexing your jaw muscles
While performing this exercise look in an upward direction
Repeat this exercise once more and perform in sets of two
This exercise is a great way to tone the area around your eyes and mouth, while stretching the face muscles to give a sleeker effect

5 Quick Yoga Exercises To Get A Slimmer Face – Face a Slimmer You
3. Exercise for your eyes and the sensitive area around it:

Open your eyes as widely as you possibly can. Flex your forehead and under eye muscles neatly. Make certain to not wrinkle your eyebrows much though
Now stare at a blank wall or some focussed object for around 10 seconds
Repeat this exercise for around 5-6 times
This exercise is certain to let the blood flow finely around your eyes, keep the fine lines around your eyes at a distance.

5 Quick Yoga Exercises To Get A Slimmer Face – Face a Slimmer You

4. Exercise to get rid of double chin by following these few steps:

Cover your upper lip with your lower lip and try touching your lower lip to your nose
Hold yourself in this position for around 10-12 times
Give this exercise a break for sometime and repeat it for at least 10 times in day to get rid off the double chin
Even though this exercise will put extra pressure on your jaw line while performing it, in long run it’ll help you tone your chin muscles beautifully

5. Lion face exercise to tone your facial muscles:

Make a lion face by opening your mouth wide open and sticking your tongue out. This exercise will help you release build-up tension of your facial muscle, while toning the front of your throat.
Having listed these exercises, if you are looking for a quickest solution to get that slim face, then go for a heavy contoured makeup, which highlights your eyes and lips in a way that they look full and lush. But, hey nothing can replace the charm of permanent, genuine exercise route and now that you have learnt the anywhere, anytime face exercise routine, then go ahead flash that slim face with big smile!
5 Quick Yoga Exercises To Get A Slimmer Face – Face a Slimmer You

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