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5 Superfoods Help To Make Your Eyes Look Younger

As everyone knows that your diet plays an important role in your beauty regime. And here I will show you 5 important foods that will make your eyes look younger. These foods not only make your eyes look younger, but also detox your skin and regulates blood circulation. However, make sure you add these foods into your regular diet at least 3 times a week for better results.


1. Watercress

Watercress is a natural beauty food that is not only useful for eyes, but also fights against uneven skin tone and dark patches. Improper blood circulation makes your eyes look exhaustive with puffiness and also leads to hair loss.


This particular plant leaf helps in improving blood circulation, thereby enabling you with healthy hair with beautiful eyes. Moreover, watercress has great cleansing ability and also oxygenates tissues, thus it also helps you in obtaining glowing skin. And its calcium and iodine contents prevent dull complexion. Thus, watercress is certainly an overall beauty food.

4. Cilantro

Almost all the green leafy vegetables are good for eyes, as they are loaded with Vitamin A and improve sight. Cilantro not only helps with sight but it helps in removing heavy metals from digestive tract and boosts toxin secretion. These useful toxins decrease the creation of cellulite in the body and works in overall beauty of your skin and eyes.


5. Green Tea

Now say goodbye to eye bags with green tea. Apart from drinking green tea, which offers numerous benefits to your body, you can keep cold bags of green tea on your eyes that help in reducing puffiness and under eye dark circles as well. The cooling effect along-with tannins present in the tea constricts the blood vessels and thus swelling is reduced.

Green tea


If you’ve high cortisol level then chances are you may suffer from crow’s feet and by eating cabbage, you can get rid of crow’s feet. Apart from reducing cortisol level, cabbage also helps reduce wrinkles from around the eyes. Cabbage is incorporated with Vitamins A and C, which prevent fine lines along-with wrinkles on the face.

Go for purple cabbage, as it is infused with vitamins 6-8 times more than the green one. Of all the vegetables and fruits you consume every day, you can get 80% of more Vitamin C in one cabbage. So try eating cabbage at least 3-5 times a week to make your eyes look younger.



Dulse, more popularly known as the dried seaweed, is a natural source to fight under eye dark circles. Dark circles are among the major beauty ailments that can make you look haggard and tired. Dulse can also reduce puffiness which is caused due to improper sleep, consumption of salty food and body retaining too much water. Even though kidneys balance fluids in the body, too much of salt causes water retention, thereby causing dark circles and puffiness.


Dulse, which is enriched with vitamin B, helps in balancing electrolytes that balance fluids throughout the body. The dulse tastes salty, but is low in sodium. So you can add it in your salad and you don’t have to add salt in it.

Posted by: Dr.Health

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