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5 Tips Tell You How To Make Your Dark Undereye Circles Disappear

Lots of people have dark undereye circles.  It make us look depressed. So we should get rid of it. Here are some tips to tech you.

1.Alaways wear sunscreen
Because the skin beneath your eyes is so thin, it’s especially prone to sun-induced hyperpigmentation (and skin cancer). But sunscreen can also be especially irritating if it gets in your eyes. Use a nondrippy or stick formula that won’t migrate.

2.But don’t over do it
“Too-frequent application can leave you with red, flaky rings around your eyes that turn brownish or gray as they heal, especially in olive or darker skin tones,” says Wu. She uses Renova, a prescription formula with a low retinoid concentration that tends not to irritate the eye area.

3.Cool down
Washing your face with hot water, worsens puffiness and can accentuate dark circles.How to get rid of the dark unereye circles 02

4.Get a professional laser treatment
To reduce bluish and red discoloration under the eyes, doctors often turn to a vascular laser, like the Excel V, which constricts visible blood vessels.

5.Apply the concealer in thin layers
Otherwise it’ll cake, says Mercier. Swipe a little on your finger, press it against the back of your hand to remove the excess, and then tap it over shadows. “Start where skin is darkest, and blend out from there for the most natural look,” says Dempsey. But stop short of the lower lash line, where even 20-year-olds have fine lines, and steer clear of crow’s-feet. Concealer will settle into those lines and exaggerate them.

Posted by: Dr.Health

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