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6 Skincare Tips in This Summer

Summer is a time when your skin can act crazy. At times it might be very sticky & oily and at other times it might be dry and have patches all over. So what do we do to get a healthy skin in summers? Well to be frank, you do not have to do much. Just take care of a few basic things and this summer you can easily get glowing healthy skin. Here is what you need to do:

Stay Hydrated. Summers can really suck out all the moisture from your skin. Thus it is recommended that you take a lot of fluids. Have at least 5-7 glasses of water in a day. It will be good if you include seasonal fruit juices in your diet. This surely is the best time to satiate yourself with tender coconut water.Though many of us regularly cleanse our face with a face wash, very few go to toning and moisturizing. In fact there are many who think that moisturizers are just for winters. This is a completely wrong perception.This summer instead of just cleansing the dirt away from your face, use toners to close the open pores and maintain the ph balance of your skin. Likewise complete the ritual with a moisturizer.Rose water is one of the best and natural toners which you can use. Not only will it maintain the ph balance of your skin, but the sweet fragrance of the rose will leave you freshened up. For moisturizers it will be better to choose a liquid lotion rather than using a creamy moisturizer in order to avoid breakouts.

6   Skincare Tips in This Summer

Wear Sunblock. Never go into the sun without a sunblock. In fact I would recommend that even if you are indoors make it a daily ritual to apply sunblock on your face, neck, arms and feet – in short all the exposed body areas.

6   Skincare Tips in This Summer

Exfoliate. It is very important that you regularly exfoliate your skin in the summers. There are several scrubs available in the market which can be readily used by you. In case you prefer home-made scrubs then an easy scrub which you can make at home is by – mixing sugar granules, rock salt and lemon juice together in a bowl. This is a very effective scrub and helps you remove all the dirt and dead skin from your body without making the skin dry.

6   Skincare Tips in This Summer
Weekly Face pack. This is one thing which you need to do every week to get a soft and healthy skin even in the summers. A weekly face pack will not only cleanse and tone your face, but will also help it relax and rejuvenate. You can always choose a face pack as per your skin type, but it will be very good if you add cucumber juice and / or mint juice to the face pack and let it stay until it gets dry. Once the face pack is dry you can wash it off and apply light moisturizer on your face.When done on a weekly basis, you will find that several of your skin problems have been addressed and your skin has become much healthier.

Wear Cotton Clothes. Summer is a time when you whole body is sweating profusely. Thus it is advised that you wear cotton clothes which are not only comfortable but are also good for your skin. This is more important in case of inner wear. Cotton inner wear will help you avoid the skin rashes and are also quite comfortable for summers.

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