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Brand in Spotlight: Herbivore Botanicals

If you’re looking for natural ingredients in your skin care that really pack a punch, then one of the newest arrivals to DermStore’s virtual shelves might be just the thing for you: Herbivore Botanicals. Not only are the ingredients in Herbivore Botanicals natural, safe and nontoxic, everything from the colors to the packaging is beautiful, simple and thoughtful. I love that the brand started in the kitchen of founders Julia Wills and Alexander Kummerow. It just makes it feel that much more personal. Below, a recap of my four favorites.

Natural & Non-Toxic: Herbivore Botanicals - Dermstore Blog

1. An Oil for Oily Skin Gals

One of the most beautiful products from the Herbivore line is the Lapis Oil Balancing Facial Oil. The beautiful, deep turquoise really drew me to this product. It’s a very liquidy oil that absorbs quickly into the skin and does not stain your pillows at night. I apply the oil as the last step in my skin care routine to seal everything in, and in the morning my skin is glowing and looks well rested. I apply this all over my face and all the way down my neck. I have oily skin, so I’m very picky about the oils I apply on my skin, but this one definitely does not clog my pores!

2. On-the-Go Hydration

The Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist has become a staple in my skin care routine. I use this at night after I wash my face, in the morning before I apply moisturizer and whenever my face feels a bit dry. The mist itself is quite unique too. It spreads very evenly and only takes two or three spritzes to cover my whole face. I’m a huge fan of the face mist because it’s such a quick and easy way to wake me up in the morning.  

Natural & Non-Toxic: Herbivore Botanicals - Dermstore Blog

3. Lackluster Skin?

If your skin has been feeling dull I would recommend trying the Herbivore Brighten Pineapple Enzyme Gemstone & Instant Glow Mask. It’s a great exfoliating and brightening mask that uses pure active plant ingredients. I love the milky gel texture because it feels so nice and cooling on my face. The mask tightens as it dries, and after 10 to 15 minutes I like to wash it off with a cleanser. It tingled the first night I used it, but now it feels gentle and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin at all. It doesn’t break me out, which is a huge plus, and after I wash it off my face feels plump and super clean. Make sure to only use this mask at night and to wear sunscreen in the morning! I used this mask for three nights in a row when I first incorporated it into my routine, and now it’s my Sunday-night ritual!

Natural & Non-Toxic: Herbivore Botanicals - Dermstore Blog

4. Body Glow

Finally, before I go to sleep I love to slather on the Jasmine Glowing Hydration Body Oil. It smells amazing! I love that the oil feels thick, but my skin soaks it up easily without making my complexion feel or look heavy and oily. I’ve definitely noticed my normally scaly legs having a nice glow to them lately! The best part is that it comes with a pump! Oils can be quite messy, but the pump makes it really easy to apply. Just apply the oil to your palm and massage it in.

Posted by: Dr.Health

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