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  • 20 Delicious and Surprisingly Healthy Funfetti Recipes

    20 Delicious and Surprisingly Healthy Funfetti Recipes

    Funfetti. Oh ya know, pretty much one of my greatest childhood memories where, admittedly, I would willingly take this delicious cake batter straight to the face without a moment’s hesitation because, let’s face it, who really BAKED funfetti cake??  Okay so maybe I’m the only one who skipped that last little part of the instructions […]

  • The Southern Moscow Mule

    The Southern Moscow Mule

    YAY it’s Friday so that means it’s perfectly acceptable to share cocktail recipes, right?  Yep I thought so. It’s certainly no secret that my girlfriends and I LOVE our Moscow Mules.  I mean seriously how cute are they??  In fact, my maid of honor Kristen knew me SO well that her bridal shower gift to […]

  • Holiday Cranberry Mint Punch

    Holiday Cranberry Mint Punch

    So I shared this delicious cranberry mint punch on my Instagram last year that I had made on Christmas Eve when I was hosting dinner for my family.  Well I couldn’t believe ALL the requests I received for this recipe soooo naturally I had to share it with you guys!  Yes this is my iPhone photo (sorry), but […]

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