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  • How to Get Rid of Your Headache

    Head won’t stop pounding? Don’t give up hope. If you get one headache or migraine after another and over-the-counter (OTC) pain relief doesn’t help, you do have options. Headaches are tricky. Most of the time, there isn’t a single cause. They result from many different things going on inside and around you. These can range […]

  • Botox for Migraine: Myths and Facts

    One option for treating chronic migraine is onabotulinum toxin A, commonly called Botox. It’s the same medication that temporarily relaxes the facial muscles that create wrinkles, like frown lines and crow’s feet. It’s not something you’d typically think of trying to help stop your migraines. So make sure you understand the facts if you’re considering […]

  • Migraine Medications: What You Should Know

    A migraine is more than just a headache. It can cause throbbing pain along with symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and changes in your vision called auras. To ease a headache this intense, you may need more than an over-the-counter pain reliever. When it comes to migraine medicine, some help with migraines once they start, and […]

  • Can You Prevent Menstrual Migraines?

    A menstrual migraine can strike around the start of your period. When it arrives, it can bring intense throbbing pain, nausea, and other symptoms. These headaches are challenging to treat. Some of the medicines that relieve the pain of regular migraines don’t work on menstrual migraines. That’s why it’s best to stop them before they […]

  • What Not to Do If You Get Migraines

    Researchers are still trying to figure out why some people get migraines and others don’t. One theory is that changes in levels of a brain chemical called serotonin may play a role. When your serotonin levels are low, your blood vessels shrink. This may cause pain and other migraine-related symptoms, like nausea and vision problems. […]

  • Under-the-Counter Migraine Remedies

    Migraines can be tough to treat. If your pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light or noise don’t get better with over-the-counter or even prescription drugs, is there another option? Marijuana might be one under-the-counter remedy for migraine relief. Some research shows that it may help ease migraine symptoms or possibly keep them from starting. But […]

  • Allodynia: Painful Migraine Symptom

    Migraines cause intense, throbbing head pain. These headaches also can make your nerves so sensitive that even the slightest touch hurts. This is called allodynia, which means “other pain.” About 80% of people with migraines have allodynia during an attack. Pain is uncomfortable. But it’s meant to be a helpful sensation. It warns your body […]

  • How Managing Sleep Problems Can Prevent Migraines

    If migraines are a regular part of your life, you may want to tweak your sleep schedule. Quality shut-eye is one of the keys to preventing a headache attack. Most folks with migraines also have sleep problems, such as trouble falling or staying asleep. Sometimes headaches are the cause of your sleep problems. But there’s […]

  • Migraines: Is Remission Possible?

    When you have yet another migraine headache — with a throbbing head and nausea — you may wonder if you’ll ever be free of them. Some people who get migraines do see their symptoms go away over time. Doctors don’t fully understand what causes migraines, so there’s no step-by-step plan to make them stop. But it is […]

  • Migraines and Alcohol Use: What’s the Link?

    After a night on the town, it’s easy to blame a headache on one too many glasses of wine. But if you’re prone to migraines, drinking even a small amount of alcohol can bring on an attack. What’s the Link? The reason for any migraine isn’t clear. Right now, experts’ best guess is that they’re […]

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