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Easy-does-it jogging may lead to a longer life

To live longer, going for a leisurely jog just a few times a week seems to be a good strategy, according to a study in the February 2015 Journal of theAmerican College of Cardiology.

For the study, Danish researchers tracked about 1,500 healthy people for 12 years. They found that people who jogged two to three times a week at a pace of about 5 mph (defined as “light joggers”) were less likely to die during the study than sedentary nonjoggers. The light joggers, who logged between one and 2.5 hours of jogging per week, also had lower death rates than moderate and strenuous joggers. However, only a small number of the vigorous exercisers died during the study, which means the findings do not provide proof that moderate or strenuous exercise is harmful. Still, the results are heartening for those who can’t find the time or stamina to run faster and more often than the modest amounts achieved by the light joggers in this study. 

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Posted by: Dr.Health

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