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How to aviod fall allergies

Seasonal allergies aren’t life-threatening.Fall is no exception for hay fever. Dani Dumitriu can tell you all about it.

Autumn’s arrival used to be a time of relief for her. The heat and humidity would fall off — and so would her summer allergies. September meant that she could finally breathe easily, get outside, eat lunch in the park, and hike the trails around her home.

How to aviod fall allergies

Then 2 years ago, Dumitriu noticed a change. As August came to a close and she ventured outdoors, her eyes would start to itch and her nose would run. She was tired all day, no matter how much sleep she got. “I suddenly had to restrict myself,” she says. “Part of me was really sad that I couldn’t enjoy the fall.”

Dumitriu’s frustration drove her to see an allergist, who confirmed that she had developed an allergic reaction to ragweed. Even though she, like most people, had always associated spring and summer with allergy season, she soon discovered that autumn has a cornucopia of its own pollens, plants, and seasonal food allergens.

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