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How to protect your skin from ageing

 How to protect your skin from ageing

Skin as a mirror ,it reflects your healthy condition.How to protect the skin,such a commom problem need to cope

.Today let me talk about ways to make you beautiful.

Strong sunlight and free radicals in the air serve to accelerate ageing. Excessive exposure to uv radiation from the sun may

cause painful sunburns , wrinkling and premature ageing of the skin as well as increase the risk of developing skin cancers and

cataracts .So remember to take a cloths or sunscreen.

Don ‘ t smoke or drink alcohol excessively as this will prematurely age the skin .

Eat more fruits and vegetables.There are lots of protein good for us.

Do exercise. Our health is relate to exercise. If someone who is lazy,nothing want to try,he will lost everythin,he will ageing qiuckly.

Keep smile. Smile can reduce the disease possibility,it can resist the stress.



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