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How To Increase Height After 25

Yep! In this day and age, and thanks to the exploration and discovery of science, we can gain height even after twenty five years of age. Well! People who don’t grow tall, often are too touchy and sensitive about their height, and are depressed about it. Some blame their ancestors, parents or their genes for not being tall. But this is so wrong.  And here’s our guides on how to increase height after 25.

Increase Height After 25

1. Check On Your Diet And Food Intake

You are what you eat says an old adage and that holds true with your height as well, not just your body fat index and weight. The improvement of height can be possible when the body is able to absorb basic nutrition- minerals and vitamins, nutrient too, which gets into the system and helps with height gain. Foods such as egg yolks and carrots, liver and fish, meats and nuts, potatoes and peas, beans and chicken, green veggies and fruits such as bananas and apples too, along with dairy produce- milk and yogurt or paneer as well, are rich in iodine, phosphorus and calcium along with magnesium too- components or catalysts that aid in height growth. And they also have amino acids and carbs, protein and essential fats that help increase height too.

Check On Your Diet And Food Intake

2. Vitamin D

The only source of VITAMIN D, so important for the body would be the rays of the sun. sunlight from five to eight in the morning would be the best, which is devoid of the harmful UV rays of the sun- a morning walk would thus do you good. It brings to the body the abundance of vitamin D.

Vitamin D source

3. Stretch away

get in touch with a trainer and ask him or her to help you with stretching exercises. In doing so, you would be motivating the muscles and the joints to stretch forward, and to help increase your height. But do talk to the trainer first, so they analayse which exercise in stretching would best suit your needs.

Exercises To Increase Height After 25

We did speak about stretching exercises as one of the best ways to increase your height, didn’t we? Let’s elaborate more on the other types of exercises to do which can help increase height. Please read on!

Exercises To Increase Height After 25

1. Focus On The Spin

Since the spine is the core focal point of the body, it needs to be stretched when the exercise regime is on. This can be done before you sleep or before you step out of bed each morning and night. Stretch the body as much as you can, focussing on twisting the spine to a comfortable level. And then stretch forwards, holding to a count of ten. Repeat ten times and twice a day.

2. Pedalling Can Help

It is a fact that cycling helps us lose weight, but can also help loosen neck joints too. If you don’t have a cycle, don’t worry, lie down and lift your lower body. Place your hands under the hip joint and straighten your legs in the air. Keep emulating the pedalling action for a minute. Take a break of five seconds and then repeat. Five reps are more than enough for the same.

3. Head Rotation

Once again, we shall focus on the neck muscles here for stretching needs, and the simple head rotation decree can help. This always helps flex up the neck muscles, which can be done by sitting straight and trying to touch the chin as close to the chest as possible by bending your head. Move your head clockwise from the chest and make a circle motion, and then repeat anti clockwise doing the same. Repeat five times per direction and then relax.

There are many more ways to increase height with simple exercises, but we would want you to first start out with these three and then with the permission of your trainer, look at other ways to do the rest. Remember, patience is the key.

Head Rotation

Yoga to Increase height after 25

1. The Suryanamaskara

Yoga can help you achieve height even after twenty five, and since we began with the topic of stretching; why not? The SUN SALUTATION exercise has been performed for many centuries by millions each decade across the globe, which involves twelve simple postures. You should follow it chronologically to increase bone and muscle strength, and also to elongate the spine and make the body flexible as well.

The Suryanamaskara

2. The Talasana

The MOUNTAIN POSE as it is known, the Talasana is beneficial and very simple to use, which helps strengthen the body, the spine, arms and the back too. For this you would need to straighten up the body by standing upright with feet together. With your fingers, clasp both hands and take a deep breath; while doing so, stretch the spine and raise the hands above your head. At the same time lift your heels and balance on the toes. Stretch away as much as possible to form the mountain pose; slowly relax and exhale as you come back to your normal position. This should be done eight to ten times everyday.

These were two important yogic asanas amongst the many we found very beneficial for the body, which helps with flexibility and height gain.

Foods to Increase height after 25

In the introduction, we did mention about how important it is to have the right diet and nutrition. Of what use would it be to have every exercise done and all the gymming too, when you aren’t eating right? So let’s take a look at the foods we should be consuming to help with height gain.

1. Ashwagandha

Why are we asking you to incorporate ashwagandha in your diet? The Indian ginseng as it is known is a super food that helps with height increase. Any of the herbal stores would have it for you to pick from. Two tablespoons of the herb with warm milk should be consumed everyday after meals. You can add jaggery to the same to sweeten it up for taste; but it would be best to have it for a month and a half, and then watch the results.

Foods to Increase height after 25

2. A glass of whole milk

Milk has calcium, the main mineral that forms bones and strengthens it too. Bone growth happens when more calcium is brought into the body, which means height boost too. The protein too in milk along with the vitamin A found it in is needed for height increase. Try two glasses of whole milk daily!

3. Dairy produce

Dairy produce is a must which helps with height gain too, and not just milk in the same category, experts opine. Ice creams, cheese, paneer, whipped creams and more, they all have vitamins A, B, C and E in them, along with calcium and protein.


4. Veggies and fruits

We cannot emphasize on this enough, but you need a bowl of fruits and veggies to include in your daily diet everyday. This is because, fruits and veggies have plenty of potassium and vitamins, fiber as well. What you should be gorging on are cantaloupes and grapes, grapefruit and papayas, mangoes and passion fruit, watermelon and sweet potato, cabbage and berries, broccoli and peas, carrots too- mostly!

Foods to Increase height

5. Chicken

If you love chicken, chicken will love you back- with height increase! This is because of the high levels of protein found in chicken that helps with tissue and muscle increase, in turn the bones are elongated since new cells are developed.

6. Grains and starches

Whole wheat grains help with more fibre and can reduce body weight, but can also help add tissues and cells to the body, vitamin B and iron, selenium and magnesium too. So you now can feast on whole grain breads, pastas and brown rice – starch comes through them with grains too.

7. An egg a day

If you want more protein intake to help increase height, you need to have an egg a day. The white albumen of an egg is hundred percent the protein your body needs, but avoid the yolk if you don’t want fat to enter the body. B2 is also a vitamin found in eggs, also known as riboflavin, which helps increase height. An egg a day is good, but better would be three eggs a day. If you don’t like eggs, you could try soyabeans that ditto the effect eggs have in height increase!

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