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jane iredale’s Smoky Eye with a Modern Twist

Emerald Smoke is the season’s go-to look to dress up your holiday makeup wardrobe. Whether it’s an office holiday party or dinner with the family, this look does not overwhelm and pairs well with any outfit choice.  Due to its ease of application, the smoky eye has always been one of the most asked for makeup looks. Emerald green is one of the most desired colors in the industry because it flatters all eye shades; and when paired with Rose Gold, this look is unbeatable. 

Watch our video tutorial below and get the look this holiday season. The best part? You can achieve this entire look with jane iredale’s smoky eye palette!

Get the Look:

Step 1: Use a sponge to press Forest into the entire lid, and smudge along the lower lash line.

Step 2: Use your brush to sweep Rose Gold into the crease.

Step 3: Use the brush to press Ebony onto the outer half of your lid, blending up towards the crease. Blend over line to intensify and smudge the line.

Step 4: Line upper and lower lashes thickly with the Black Eye Pencil, or use a moistened sponge with Ebony and let dry. Smudge to soften the edges.

Step 5: Blend well with your brush to soften any lines.

Step 6: Apply several coats of your favorite mascara to upper and lower lashes and your look is complete.

Expert Tip:

The key to a great smoky eye is blending. Anyone can create this quick-and-easy look. The best part is you don’t have to worry about having any defined or straight lines. And, of course, it can be as simple or as dramatic as you desire. How you line your eyes with the black liner in step 1 will determine the intensity of your finished look (the thicker it is, the more intense). Start with layering, less is more. Remember that it’s easier to add more product than it is to remove. And always, always have fun with your look.

Posted by: Dr.Health

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