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Karin Herzog: The World Leader in Oxygen Skincare

Dr. Paul Herzog, the renowned Nobel Institute honoree and founder of Karin Herzog oxygen skincare, was an expert in respiration. He was honored for his role in inventing the artificial respirator, which helps to maintain oxygen flow and thus breathing abilities for people whilst undergoing operations. From his work, he was so impressed by the antibacterial and healing properties of oxygen, that he thought that it could hold the answer to helping heal burns and surgery scars. Working alongside his wife and acclaimed esthetician Karin Herzog, Dr. Herzog became the first person to ever stabilize active oxygen in a medical grade emulsion, paving the way for the cutting-edge skincare line we know today. We were lucky enough to speak with Nöelle Herzog, President of Karin Herzog, to learn more on this revolutionary line.

Karin Herzog oxygen skin care

For those who are new to Karin Herzog, can you explain the use of active oxygen in your creams and why that was the inspiration behind the entire line?

Just like our bodies, skin cells need oxygen to function. However, oxygen is extremely volatile and could only be used in a gaseous form. No scientist before (or since) succeeded in stabilizing oxygen in a liquid (cream) base that can be used on the skin. After 10 years of rigorous experimentation in his lab in Switzerland, not only did Dr. Paul Herzog, my father and our founder manage to stabilize oxygen in a liquid, he also discovered a formula to convert the liquid oxygen back to a gas form when it comes in contact with the skin. This conversion creates a powerful delivery mechanism to propel the oxygen and other nutrients in the cream into the dermis – the deeper living layer of skin cells that need to be pumped with oxygen in order to function efficiently, for example, producing collagen and killing bacteria.

My mother, Karin, helped him along the way by testing the formula. As an acclaimed esthetician, she quickly realized that the stabilized oxygen cream was having a transformative effect on her skin – it was more youthful, radiant and clear. Upon this discovery, they worked together to conceive a range of luxury, high-performance, age-fighting and skin-healing creams that are all of the good, none of the bad Paraben, dairy & cruelty-free and vegan friendly.

Karin Herzog oxygen skin care

Can you explain to us what a Herzog miracle ritual is, and why is it so important to use your products in conjunction with one another?

The Karin Herzog ritual is an advanced, high-performance regimen for the face, designed to advance and luxuriate Dr. Herzog’s miracle stabilized oxygen technology. It works as an instant beauty boost for any skin type and helps you to make the most of your daily regimen, ensuring the time you put into your skin is rewarded with a renewed, youthful and clear complexion.

Step 1: PREPARE – Cleanse, tone and scrub to deeply clean the skin and provide the perfect base for the oxygen technology.

Step 2: CORRECT & TREAT – Oxygenate to boost collagen, banish bacteria and combat dullness, signs of aging, dryness, blemishes and rosacea.

Step 3: NOURISH –  Moisturize to seal in the oxygen, protect the skin and hydrate.

Step 4: BEAUTIFY – Reveal a flawless look with velvety soft, light, non-clogging makeup.

Years of scientific research have culminated in this unique and transformative 4-step regimen where each step is mutually enhancing. Not only does it provide a deep clean and oxygen boost to the skin, it also helps you to relax and feel pampered each time you follow it.

Switching from summer to fall, how important is it to “let your skin breathe”, as the Karin Herzog saying goes?

During the summer, we tend to block the epidermis with sun protection creams and oils, which allow dead skin cells to accumulate. We also spend more time in the sun, which can cause dry and flaky skin. As we move into fall, it’s important to exfoliate away the dead cells in order to open up the pores and allow the cells in the dermis to get the nutrients they need to repair the skin.

At Karin Herzog, we have created the AHA Cream, a cure of fruit acids carefully proportioned in order to remove the fine layer of dead cells at the surface of the skin, all without irritation. This works best as an overnight treatment followed by a very fresh and moisturizing oxygen cream (such as Vita-A-Kombi 1 or Oxygen Hyalu Lift) in the morning to re-nourish the cells in the dermis. This combination of treatments as the season changes helps the skin to repair and creates a continuous cycle of hydrated, healthy cells working from the deeper layers of the skin to the surface to promote a clear, youthful complexion.

Karin Herzog oxygen skin care

Just landed on our virtual shelves is the BB Tinted Face Cream; is this formulated on the same active oxygen complex?

It’s not actually, the Peau de BB cream is based on a new formula direct from the Karin Herzog lab in Switzerland. It is an all-in-one wonder cream! At its heart, the Peau de BB Cream is a unique, tinted day moisturizing cream that is non-comedogenic and is designed to provide day-long coverage without blocking the pores. It also has a myriad of other benefits due to its carefully curated set of ingredients:

  • Marshmallow Absolute for anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and healing purposes
  • Natural clay (Montmorillonite) to give the cream its color and unique non-clogging, mattifying effect
  • Hyaluronic Acid smoothes, plumps and fights aging
  • Indian Gooseberry Extract is an antioxidant that helps protect skin throughout the day

The Marshmallow Absolute in this BB Cream smells like a sweet treat! What’s the inspiration behind such an ingredient?

Marshmallow Absolute is an relatively unknown skincare multi-tasker: it is anti-inflammatory and reduces puffiness, helps to fight the signs of rosacea, eczema and psoriasis, plumps fine lines and wrinkles, and speeds up cell regeneration to heal abrasions. It also smells out of this world, so it really helps to add a little positivity to our morning rituals. At Karin Herzog, we believe that the morning should be as pleasurable, easy and as “soft” as possible, and with its beautiful fragrance and soft puffy texture, the Marshmallow Absolute in the Peau de BB Cream whirls us back through out sweetest childhood memories every morning.

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