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Lose Weight Recipes- 5 Tasty Dinner Recipes That Help You Become A Slim Person

When after work, we can make delicious dinner which is help to cut the weight. If you are a lazy person, you can try to make such a recipe to lose weight.

Low-calorie Thai curry
Avoid the waistline inches associated with a trip to the local curry house by trying our gut-busting Penang curry. One portion only takes three minutes of Thai Boxing to burn off.Low-calorie Thai curry-healthy dinner recipe to cut your weight

Shrinking man’s lasagne
Live La Dolce Fitter with our slimline version of an Italian favourite. It’s rich in wholegrains, which helps stabilise your blood sugar level and bodyweight.Shrinking man's lasagne-healthy dinner recipe to cut your weight

The Adonis kebab
The kebab offerings at your local takeaway can be up to 22% fat. MH’s effort is just 8% and features ingredients that are scientifically proven to aid weight loss. The Adonis kebab-healthy dinner recipe to cut your weight

Seize a salad
A Caesar salad isn’t as healthy as some would make you believe – they can typically contain up to 800 calories. This recipe weighs in at just 143 kcals, with a hunger-preventing 10g of fibre.Seize a salad-healthy dinner recipe to cut your weight

Slimming steak pie
Via an ingenious combination of lard-free film and metabolism-boosting spices, this cow pie will cost you just 472 kcals and 15g of fat. You lose none of the taste and it still packs a 300g sirloin steak. Slimming steak pie-healthy dinner recipe to cut your weight

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