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How To Make Hibiscus Tea

Continuing the benefits of hibiscus tea we’ve post today, now that you are enlightened about hibiscus tea, we would share the basic ways of making hibiscus tea with you. Consumed as both hot and cold beverage, it renders equal benefits. Then here’s the recipes of how to make hibiscus tea. Check it out, below.

hibiscus tea

Ingredients required for one cup

  1. Two teaspoons of dried hibiscus calyces
  2. One cup of boiling water
  3. Honey/brown sugar/sugar to taste
  4. Lemon juice /wedge optional
  5. Flavorings like ginger, mint, cinnamon, apple juice (optional)

Quantity can be raised or decreased proportionately or according to personal preference.

Preparing hot hibiscus tea

  • To prepare it, boil a cup of pure water.
  • Add two teaspoons of dried hibiscus calyces to it and allow it to steep after covering it for about 5-10 minutes.
  • The liquid will acquire a dark red color. Those who really like an extremely strong flavor tend to brew the dried hibiscus calyces as well for about a minute before letting it steep.
  • Now strain the liquid into a cup
  • Add honey or brown sugar to taste.
  • Some lime juice can also be added for enhanced taste.

You are ready to enjoy the tea now.

In case you are using white sugar, you can add it to the saucepan while the water it boiling so that it mixes well. This is also an ideal time to add flavors to your hibiscus tea. For instance, you can add some ginger and cinnamon as well for enhanced taste. Additionally, you can add some mint for enhanced taste and cooling benefits.

Preparing cold hibiscus tea

This can be prepared two ways.

  • First, you can boil two cups of water
  • Add dried hibiscus calyces as well as some mint leaves to it and steep like earlier.
  • Strain it after five to ten minutes and mix sugar, honey or any other sweetener of your choice.
  • Lemon juice is again optional.

Allow it to get chilled or simply serve with crushed ice.


  • Add dried hibiscus, lemon, mint or any other flavorings of your choice to cold water and mix well.
  • Allow this mixture to refrigerate for a good 14-16 hours or even more.
  • Due to cold conditions, the flavors of hibiscus will take time to steep.
  • Strain liquid in a glass, add sweetener, ice and serve.
  • To make it extra delicious, fruit juices like apple juice can also be added to it.

Best Time To Drink

Hibiscus tea is so flavorful and delicious that you would simply like to enjoy just for the taste alone! To extract its maximum health benefits, it is suggested to divide your two or three cups of hibiscus tea in equal four to five portions and consume it throughout the day. Else, a single cup can be enjoyed at any time according to your convenience. Those having digestive problems should ideally enjoy it after eating. It should ideally not be consumed on an empty stomach.

Precautions With Hibiscus Tea

Because of its benefits as well as side effects, you should exercise some precautions while consuming hibiscus tea. Some of them are:-

  • Since this tea strongly affects your blood pressure, it is strongly recommended to miss it regularly on some days in the ratio 2:1. This means that you should skip it for five days after you have consumed it for ten days in a row. People taking hypertension medicines should only consume it under strict doctor’s vigilance.


  • Because of hibiscus tea’s effect on cancerous cells in the brain and skin, it should not be consumed by those taking anti-cancer medicines or undergoing chemotherapy or radiation. The interaction may not bear positive results.


  • Considered as an herbal medicine, hibiscus tea can sometimes cause stomach ache, diarrhea and vomiting. If it is a cleaning process, it would last for about 3 days to a week. If it persists beyond it, discontinue the tea and seek medical advice.


  • Hibiscus tea can interfere with some medicines. For instance, with antiviral medicines, it produces additive effects. It reduces the effectiveness of Chloroquine drug which is given for malaria. Thus, it should not be consumed without a doctor’s consultation if you are on any kind of medication.
    Hibiscus tea should never be consumed with Tylenol or other acetaminophen containing drug. Its diuretic effect may catalyze the speed of release of acetaminophen from the body leading to complications.

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