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Researchers Said That Have Four Gene Mutations In Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer is a serious health dease. There are many reasons to cause it. Now researchers found that four gene mutations (KRAS, TP53, ,STK11 and EGFR) that most commonly occur in lung cancer. However, there are limited effective therapies to target these mutations. With this in mind, researchers performed an extensive genetic analysis of lung cancer specimens to unravel how mutations in the two of those genes (TP53 and STK11) contribute to the biology of lung cancer and patient outcomes.Researchers Said That Have Four Gene Mutations In Lung Cancer

The researchers analyzed gene expression patterns in 442 lung adenocarcinomas and screened the tumors for gene mutations known to contribute to lung cancer development. They used this data to assess associations between genetic alterations, gene expression patterns and clinical outcomes.

They found that 34.8 percent of lung tumors had KRAS mutations, 10.6 percent had mutations in EGFR, 15.3 percent in STK11, and 25.1 percent in TP53. Lung cancer patients who had KRAS mutations had a shorter survival than patients without KRAS mutations. And lung cancer patients who had EGFR mutations had a better overall survival than patients without EGFR mutations.

Importantly, the researchers discovered that tumors with either TP53 or STK11 mutations had different gene expression patterns. Lung tumors with TP53 mutations had higher levels of genes that are associated with proliferation and growth, while lung tumors with STK11 mutations had lower levels of genes that are associated with immune surveillance. They confirmed these results by showing that tumors with STK11 mutations had reduced levels of immune cells or T cells.

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