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The Best Allergy Videos of 2016

The Best Allergy Videos of the Year

As many as 1 in 5 people in the United States have some
type of allergy, according to the American College of Allergy,
Asthma and Immunology.
From bee stings to foods and particles in the air we breathe, nearly anything
could be an allergen, and lead to unpleasant — and sometimes deadly — symptoms.

Informative, touching, and sometimes humorous, we’ve
rounded up the internet’s best videos about allergies for 2016.

7 Lifesaving Tips for Allergy Season

If you live with allergies, and seasonal allergies
specifically, this video from BuzzFeed offers some great tips for minimizing
your symptoms when allergens are at their highest. For example, did you know
big sunglasses could help protect your eyes from allergens, potentially
reducing the redness and itchiness that are so common in people with allergies?

All About Allergies

If you want the basics about allergies, All About
Allergies from SciShow won’t disappoint. Learn all about the why’s and how’s of
allergies, with helpful illustrations and statistics, and even suggestions on
prevention and treatment.

Autumn Allergies

Seasonal allergies aren’t just a problem during spring.
Autumn allergies can be just as annoying. Typically caused by weeds, ragweed
specifically, autumn allergies can lead to itching, runny nose, sneezing, and
all of the other symptoms we associate with seasonal allergies. This video from
CNN is a quick intro to the allergies of the fall, and how you might be able to
better cope with them.

Dr. Oz Compares the Symptoms of Cold and

Many of the symptoms of seasonal allergies mimic the
symptoms of a common cold. It may not be immediately apparent if the stuffy
nose, sneezing, and sinus pressure you’re experiencing are due to the pollen in
the air or a nasty virus. This video from Doctor Oz will help you sort things
out, which can help you choose the right treatment and feel better sooner.

Food Allergy Voices: FARE’s Hope for the Future

For some, avoiding certain foods can be the difference
between life and death. This video from Food Allergy Research & Education
starts with the tragic story of a 20-year-old woman who lost her life to food
allergies, followed by interviews with kids (and their parents) who have food
allergies. We may all one day cook for or invite over a friend who has a food
allergy, so this is a must-watch video.

Keep Friends with Food Allergies Safe

Designed for schools and teachers, this video is a great
educational tool for kids and the people who work with them. It uses animation
to teach about food allergies and how to better protect students in a school
setting. This would be a great video for parents to show their children,
particularly children who don’t suffer from food allergies and may not fully
understand how allergies might affect their friends who have them.

Our Sterile Homes May Be Giving Up Seasonal

Can living in an extremely clean home put you at a greater
risk for allergies? According to this video from Vox, and the “hygiene hypothesis,”
it could. As a matter of fact, the increasing rate of cesarean deliveries,
decreased outdoor playtime for children, and many other modern “developments”
may be detrimental to a healthy immune system, and allergy-free living.

Stay Safe, Live Healthy, and Eat
Well with Food Allergies

Loving food but knowing food can kill you is a difficult
situation to be in, and is one that’s shared by the millions of people with
food allergies. Sonia Hunt is a foodie who lives with food allergies. In this
TEDx Talk, she recalls her experiences growing up with limited dietary options,
discusses how the food supply industry is failing the allergy community, and
shares how she has learned to cope with her allergies without denying herself
new experiences and family recipes.

Why Do Some People Have Seasonal

The flowers bloom and you sneeze. Many people don’t
understand what causes their seasonable allergies, they just accept the annual
struggle as part of life. This video from TED-Ed will give you the lowdown on
your allergies, explaining why they happen and potentially providing clues for
how to minimize their impact.

Things People with Food Allergies Are Tired of

Food allergies are a serious, and even potentially deadly,
matter. For people who deal with them on a daily basis, the well-meaning but
often ignorant comments you get from other people can be frustrating. From “I
was vegan for a few weeks so I know how it feels to be lactose intolerant” to
“I would die without peanut butter,” you’re likely familiar with a few of

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