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The Best Alternative Remedies For Arthritis

You may need to try several different treatments, or combinations of treatments, before you determine what works best for you. Arthritis treatment focuses on relieving symptoms and improving joint function.

Many people use alternative remedies for arthritis, but there is little reliable evidence to support the use of many of these products. The most promising alternative remedies for arthritis include:

1.Acupuncture. This therapy uses fine needles inserted at specific points on the skin to reduce many types of pain, including that caused by some types of arthritis.How to treat the Arthritis-Acupuncture

2.Glucosamine. Although study results have been mixed, it now appears that glucosamine works no better than placebo. However, glucosamine and the placebo both relieved arthritis pain better than taking nothing, particularly in people who have moderate to severe pain.How to treat the Arthritis-Glucosamine

3.Yoga or tai chi. The slow, stretching movements associated with yoga and tai chi may help improve joint flexibility and range of motion in people with some types of arthritis.How to treat the Arthritis-Yoga or tai chi

4.Massage. Light stroking and kneading of muscles may increase blood flow and warm affected joints, temporarily relieving pain. Make sure your massage therapist knows which joints are affected by arthritis.How to treat the Arthritis-massage

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