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The secrets of success makeup facelift

What make you feel confident? How to addd a prettt pop of color to cheeks and lips, plus perfect difinition for standout eyes?Makeup used as a disguise can age you a decade, but cosmetics used as an enhancement can help you drop ten years.Here is how you can get a face-lift.

The secrets of success makeup facelift

1. Choose the Right Moisturizer
You can really get a minifacelift with the right layering of creams and oils.For summer, switch to lighter lotions, and let your moisturizer sink in for five minutes before applying foundation or tinted moisturizer.

2. Foundation
Apply foundation beginning around the nose and mouth where there is often redness. Blend out to the rest of the face if needed. Foundation can be applied with fingers, a Foundation Brush or a Makeup Sponge.

The secrets of success makeup facelift
3.Powder & Bronzer
For a longer-lasting look, set concealer and foundation with sheer face powder in your skin tone correct shade; use the Eye Blender Brush under the eyes and the Sheer Power Brush on the rest of the face. Follow with bronzer, applied where the sun normally hits your face: forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Finish with a touch on your neck and ears for the most natural effect.

To add a natural glow, apply blush to the apples of the cheeks, blending up towards the hairline then downward to soften color.

The secrets of success makeup facelift5.Lips

A nude lip instantly makes you looked polished. To find your best nude, look at the natural coloring of your lips and choose a shade that matches or is one or two shades brighter or darker. To give lips natural-looking definition, line lips with Lip Pencil afterwards. Finish with gloss for a high-shine look.


For the most natural look, fill in brows with powder shadow applied with an Eye Brow Brush; use the Eye Definer Brush for more definition. Start at the inner corner of the brow or where the brow is most sparse and end at the outer corner of the brow, applying shadow in light feathery strokes. Tame unruly brow hairs with brow shaper.

The secrets of success makeup facelift

7.Stock Up on Eye Makeup
Unless you have dark brown or black hair, use dark brown mascara rather than black.Pale or pearlised eye shadow draws attention to any sagging of the eyelids, so opt for soft light brown or taupe colours.The smoky, messy eye loved by many women should be avoided at all costs. Fill in thinning brows with small strokes of a brow pencil, and match the colour to your brows, not your hair colour, for a defined butnatural look.

Posted by: Dr.Health

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