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US Cities to Get Expert-led ‘ALS Unfiltered’ Series, Promoted by has just announced the launch of “ALS Unfiltered,” a series of public sessions that will offer expert-led presentations and open conversations about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease), current research status, clinical trials, resources and other topics.

The seminars will be held in several cities around the country. The seminar sessions will be conducted by ALS experts and scientists from and the ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALSTDI). ALS Unfiltered is a series of discussions on ALS that aims to inform the public and promote dialogue with no participation or attendance costs.

All sessions will be interactive and address these topics, among others:

  • The background of and the ALSTDI;
  • affiliate programs and events in the area;
  • Introducing ALS;
  • ALS genetics and their utility;
  • Current drug development process in the pipeline;
  • Precision medicine;
  • Practical and relevant resources.

“ALS research is happening across the globe at greater rates today than ever before, but with all of the press releases and announcements about breakthroughs, information overload can occur. We need the conversation to be two-way. With this series, we aim to not just provide people with ALS with the tools and knowledge about the disease, but we also want to listen to them and take their ideas back to the Institute,” Steve Perrin, Ph.D., ASLTDI’s CEO and CSO, said in a press release.

The first ALS Unfiltered session was hosted in Irving, Texas, on March 29. The series will tour around an additional dozen other metropolitan areas until the end of the year, including Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York City, San Diego or San Francisco, and others. To register to attend one of the seminars, check out the ALS Unfiltered series schedule from May to October on this web page. is a global network of people who suffer from ALS, their care takers, family members and friends. The network organizes fundraising events and awareness campaigns and collaborates with foundations who commit to fund novel, patient-focused research that may potentially lead to developing effective treatments, or even a cure, for ALS. supports the ALSTDI, a nonprofit biotech founded in 1999 exclusively dedicated to ALS research. Since is led by people who live with the disease, they understand patients’ unmet needs.

Here are just the May dates and places of ALS Unfiltered sessions: May 2, San Mateo, California; May 4, Los Angeles; May 5, San Diego, California; May 11, Philadelphia; May 12, Washington, D.C. Sessions are also scheduled in other cities in June, August, September, and October, to date.

Posted by: Dr.Health

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