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What’s the Best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape?

When looking for a new hairstyle, it’s important to take into account face shape and bone structure to find the look that will best accentuate your features. Read ahead to see which hairstyles are the most flattering for your face shape!

Round Face: If you have a rounder shape, you want your hairstyle to elongate your face. Consider an asymmetrical cut with a side part and long bangs. You can also rock long layers with a center part. Longer hair can be worn like a curtain around the face or styled into an updo to give your face some height. If you want a shorter cut, go for a piecey bob that skims the collarbone or a defined pixie. If you have curly hair, make sure curls start below the chin so that you don’t add width to your face.

Oval Face: For longer faces, you want a style that creates the illusion of width, like blunt bangs or a collarbone length bob with side bangs. Curlier hair can be worn at shoulder length with a side part or in longer, softer waves and a center part. If you’re feeling especially trendy, try a topknot bun.

Square Face: Styling for a square face is all about drawing attention away from the sharp jawline. Try camouflaging a strong chin with shoulder-length feathery layers or a short layered bob with slight bangs. Longer hair can be worn sleek and straight or with wavy ends and bangs that hit the cheekbone. You can also try a middle part to help elongate the face.

Heart-Shaped Face: One way to style for heart-shaped faces is to break up the wide forehead, such as with a collarbone-grazing cut with side-swept bangs or a pixie with short, choppy layers on top. Another tip is to find a style that fills in the jaw area to de-emphasize a pointy chin. This can be achieved with a bouncy bob that hits near the chin or long layers with waves starting near the jaw.

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Remember that any hairstyle starts with a healthy scalp and well-nourished hair. If you’re wondering which hair care regimen is best for your hair type and concern, check out the post, How to Build an Alterna Hair Care Regimen According to Your Hair Concern.

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