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Women may not be getting optimal stroke treatment

Women who have a stroke caused by a blockage in an artery to the brain (ischemic stroke) are less likely than men to receive the drugs they need to relieve the blood clot. That’s according to a study published in July in the journal Stroke. The authors looked at data from a study of 5,515 stroke patients in the Netherlands, about half of them women. Only 11% of women were treated with the clot-dissolving drug alteplase, compared with 14% of men. The reason for this gender discrepancy, the authors say, is that women typically arrived at the hospital later than men—an average of 27 minutes later. For clot-busting medicines to work, they generally must be given within four hours of when symptoms start, but fewer women than men (27% versus 33%) arrived at the hospital within that four-hour window. This study underscores why it’s so important to pay attention to symptoms like paralysis or numbness of the face or body, and get medical help right away.

Posted by: Dr.Health

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